DJI Phantom Flight App

The fastest and most accurate POI platform for Phantom/Inspire photography. A complete ground station app. The best find-my-drone feature. Not all POI features available for the Phantom2.

  • Full ground station
  • Variable speed waypoints (including p3)
  • Use throttle to adjust flightplan speed during flights.
  • Manually reverse an in-progress flightplan and replay segments.
  • Add markers by clicking map or flying the drone to a specific location
  • No ground station distance limits
  • Ground station finish actions
  • Offline flight planning
  • All ground station flights support POI, panoramic, and manual heading modes.
  • Complex cable cams, panoramic, selfie shots
  • Autopilot controls gimbal
  • Orbit POI
  • Manual POI flight (gimbal autopilot)
  • Follow-me with adjustable bearing, distance, speed
  • Variable width FPV/map view
  • Gesture camera control
  • Complete flight logs
  • Find my phantom feature
  • Load and view flight logs in app
  • (P2) Boost TxPower to fly further
  • Flight game
  • Circle flight plans

Phantom 3 (Professional/Advanced/Standard/4k) + Inspire + M100 use the V3 app

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Phantom 2 Vision Plus v2/v3 use the V2 app

App store Google play

In Development (Mar. 12, 2016 )

  • UI Improvements
    • Continued UI improvements (send suggestions to
  • Flights with multiple POI and more ways to setup POI flights.
  • Target hold feature.
  • Camera settings to be made available.
  • Media previewer and data transfer tools.

Supported Hardware

  • Phantom 3 Advanced
  • Phantom 3 Professional
  • Phantom 3 Standard
  • Phantom 3 4k
  • Inspire
  • M100
  • Phantom 2 Vision Plus v2 and v3 (firmware 3.14)


  1. Fly the phantom at your own risk.
  2. Calibrate your drone at each new flight location or as indicated in your manual.
  3. Always fly in GPS mode with good satellite coverage.
  4. Read about and understand GPS, Attitude, and Manual flying modes and how the drone reacts to a lost signal in each mode (fail safe mode). To summarize:
    1. In GPS mode fail safe will most likley (not 100% based on some calculations) get your drone back to home point. Fail safe may land and not return to home point.
    2. In ATTI (or low sat count) mode your drone will likley land in fail safe mode.
  5. Set a max distance and height param for your drone.

Phantom 3 Setup

  1. You will need to upgrade your p3 and controller using the latest public firmware release. insturctions here.
  2. You must enable "Multiple Flight Mode" and DISABLE IOC using the DJI Pilot app. In the drone settings area select advanced settings.
  3. Flight plans and follow-me only work in "F" mode. Engage F mode by using leftmost position of the flight mode switch on the P3 controller (toggle switch on left hand side).

Connecting The App

  1. P3 quick start guide
  2. Start the app for the first time with an internet connection, it is needed to register the app with DJI.
  3. Start your phantom and controller.
  4. Calibrate your drone. It is recommended that you use the flight mode switch and drone lights to calibrate, see the DJI manual.
  5. (P2 only) Connect your device/phone to the phantom wifi network. See the DJI manual.
  6. (P3 only) Connect your device/phone to the phantom controller. See the DJI manual.
  7. (P3 only) Confirm "Multiple Flight Mode" is enabled. See Phantom 3 Setup.
  8. Start the app, it will launch the FPV screen.
  9. As the phantom gains a satellite signal and locks home point the map will center. Wait until the drone lights are flashing green to confirm the map location.
  10. If you don't have maps loaded for your location you will need to connect to the internet. After focusing the maps at your location connect your device to the internet. Once maps are loaded and cached there is no need to start with an internet connection for each flight.
  11. Only one app can connect to the phantom at a time. You will have to stop the dji app or other flight apps. If you connect more than one app you will experience a connect/disconnect cycle.

FPV/Map Views

  1. From the main app page (splash page) swipe to the left to enter FPV/map mode.
  2. Use up/down swipes on the camera view to control the gimbal.
  3. Swipe the camera view to the left or right to adjust size.
  4. Tap the map in camera mode (not GS) to toggle flight lines.
  5. In GS mode while a flight is in progress tap the map to toggle flight lines.
  6. Long tap the map view to center the phantom marker.
  7. (iOS only) Swipe in from the left edge to open camera settings.

Ground Station

  1. Warning: before using ground station you should know how to exit a flight plan using only your controller, toggle the flight mode switch.
  2. From the FPV view click the GS button in the top right corner. The app is in ground station mode when the icon is red.
  3. Tap the map to drop new flight point markers.
  4. Add high accuracy markers by flying the drone to a specific location and "long click" (touch and hold) the map. Note: Circle Flights need to be turned off in the settings area for this to work.
  5. Adjust the altitude after dropping a marker. The next marker added will reuse the current altitude.
  6. (P3 only) each marker can have different actions. When viewing a marker's info click the actions edit box to open the actions dialog.
  7. Drag markers to adjust position.
  8. Click a marker to view its details.
  9. While viewing a marker's details click next to cycle through all markers.
  10. Click the trash can to delete the flight plan.
  11. Close the app and restart, the last flight plan loaded in gs will be opened.
  12. Click the play button, click yes to the confirm dialog to start the flight.
  13. When in progress click pause to pause the flight, click continue to restart.
  14. (P3 Only) When in progress use the throttle to adjust speed.
  15. (P3 Only) When in progress use reverse throttle to fly the drone backwards and replay part of a flightplan.
  16. Flight plans to not include a home leg by default. When starting a flight plan you can choose to return to home.
  17. When a flight plan is open click the save icon to save it with a name. When no flight plans are loaded click the folder icon to open a previously saved flight plan.

POI Modes

  1. Turn autopilot gimbal control on/off in the settings area.
  2. To start manual POI flights fly the drone to the POI location (also correct altitude), start ground station, press play with an empty flightplan, select POI.
  3. To start a POI flight plan, create a normal flight plan, fly the drone to the POI location (including altitude), change the heading mode of a marker to POI, click start.
  4. By default the autopilot gimbal control will engage in follow-me modes.
  5. You can create complex cable cam, selfie flyaways, panoramic shots, etc. using regular flight plans and the POI heading option.
  6. Create panoramic shots by creating regular flight plans and selecting the panoramic heading.
  7. Add more accurate flight plan markers by flying the drone to a location and long click the map to add the marker. Circle flights must be disabled in the settings area.

Flight Logs

  1. Configure the log frequency in the settings area
  2. A new log is created each time the app first connects to the phantom. Restart the app to create a new log for each flight.
  3. (Android only) Logs are stored in public_dir/phantom_flight_Logs
  4. (iOS only) Logs are stored inside the application folder. Use itunes to transfer files to/from the application folder.
  5. Logs include time, lat, lng, speed, altitude
  6. To view a flight log in the app: open ground station, clear the current flight, click the file open icon and select a flight log.
  7. (iOS only) To delete all logs open camera settings from the FPV view. Use the delete all logs options.

Follow Me (requires gps or assisted-gps)

  1. Important: To stop follow me toggle the flight mode switch, use the pause button, or exit the FPV/map view (back button)
  2. WARNING: P3 follow-me mode changes the home point. The home point will follow the drone location. This is a limitation of the DJI SDK. Expect the drone to land where it is in fail safe mode.
  3. Ensure your device has gps (or a-gps) and location services are enabled.
  4. Start ground station by clicking the GS icon in the upper right corner
  5. Navigate the phantom to the desired height and let it get a good gps lock
  6. Press the play button when no flight plan is loaded. Pressing play with no markers will start the follow me feature.
  7. Accept the prompt to start follow me.
  8. The min accuracy for a gps reading from your phone/device is configurable in the settings area.
  9. To access the camera during follow-me toggle the GS icon.
  10. To stop, toggle the flight mode switch, click pause, exit the FPV screen, or open the AutoPilot dialog and click stop.

Orbit POI (P3 only)

  1. Start Orbit POI the same way you start a follow-me flight.
  2. Step 1: Fly the drone directly over your POI target, engage ground station, click the play button with an empty flight plan, click 'Orbit POI'
  3. Step 2: Fly the drone the correct distance away from your POI target (to define the radius), adjust speed and click the start button.
  4. To stop, toggle the flight mode switch, click pause, exit the FPV screen, or open the AutoPilot dialog and click stop.

Flight Game

  1. Create a flight plan in ground station.
  2. Set a distance threshold in the settings area. The distance threshold defines a square box around each marker(lat/lng/altitude) that the drone must fly through to pass a marker.
  3. Start the flight plan and let the drone play the game.
  4. Toggle ground station mode (click the GS button twice) to restart the game
  5. Try flying the flight plan yourself.

Circle Flights

  1. P3 circle flights now have a heading mode and can be used for a true POI flight.
  2. Configure the number of circle points in the settings area.
  3. Start ground station.
  4. Add a flight plan with a single point and set the altitude and speed and heading mode (only the P3 has a heading mode). Mode "Panoramic" will produce a circle flight with the camera pointing towards the POI.
  5. The first point added will be the POI. Add a second point to define the radius of the circle and the entry point.
  6. Long tap the map screen to draw a circle flight plan.
  7. Turn off the circle flight feature in the settings area if you find yourself accidently adding circle flights or you want to add "high accuracy" waypoints using the drone's location.


  1. Follow Me
  2. Pilot orientation and flight logs
  3. Flight Plan Import
  4. Flight Game
  5. Circle Flight Plans (POI)

Booster (P2 only)

  1. Turn on the Phantom 2 Vision Plus remote and extender.
  2. Turn on the Phantom 2 Vision Plus drone.
  3. Connect your phone to the extender Wifi network.
  4. Select Monitor Power to view your phantom's current txpower settings.
  5. Select a desired txpower from the settings tab.
  6. Select Set Power to make txpower changes.

Booster Results

We have achieved several flights over 8500 feet (2.5km) using stock equipment and the booster app. Based on our tests the Phantom antennas have the worst reception directly behind the Phantom. When testing flight range ensure your receivers have the same orientation with the Phantom between tests. For the longest flights fly the Phantom backwards, sideways, or slightly off center.

The graph below shows the result of boosting the camera wifi network. The light blue line shows an increase from -85dbm to -70dbm.


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